Autumn is not faraway, but ATV riders will continue riding during the colder, wetter and windier months. Even if you are an experienced rider, taking on all-terrain for years, there are common mistakes that ATV riders make that can bring the ride to an abrupt stop, cause an accident and cause an injury.

We’ve listed some common mistakes riders make, (even us) which could help you whilst out and about on your ATV.

  1. Roll over. Often, ATVs roll over because of a collision or impact. However, you should certainly avoid making it roll over on purpose; it’s dangerous and is considered as the leading cause of injury and death for ATV riders. You might not realise it, but your ATV is heavy – it is probably over 350kgs!
  2. Riding with passengers. Whilst some ATVs are specially designed to be able to take a passenger, others are not. Two people on a single seater ATV increases your risk of rolling over, injury, and even death.
  3. Lack of maintenance and service. Some ATV riders completely forget or do not make the effort to give their ATV a basic check before riding, let alone arranging a service at their dealers. Continually using an ATV throughout the year without checking it over or getting a service can lead to bigger, more costly problems. A lose bolt could cause an accident. Think about it, would you drive your car without checking it over or getting it serviced? Your ATV is still a mechanical vehicle, treat it with care, especially if you’re riding in sand, mud or snow.
  4. Failing to repair or replace parts. Riders who ignore running issues or don’t want to spend money on service, wear and tear parts (convincing themselves that the problem will clear up by itself), often cause a lot more damage to the vehicle and it’ll cost a lot more to put the problem right. Get an experienced ATV dealer to look at your vehicle and get the problem fixed straightaway. The longer you leave it, the more it could cost. Look after your ATV and it will look after you.

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