CFMOTO ATVs: Design and Affordability

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Whether you need an ATV for work, play, hunting or just getting around, CFMOTO offers you the opportunity to get a higher-quality outdoor experience, at a price you can afford. Designed and backed up with huge research projects; spending millions every year to develop the best and most advanced ATVs on the market - you

ATVs: 4 Common Mistakes Riders Make And How To Avoid Them

2021-04-23T12:35:02+00:00August 24th, 2020|ATV news, News|

Autumn is not faraway, but ATV riders will continue riding during the colder, wetter and windier months. Even if you are an experienced rider, taking on all-terrain for years, there are common mistakes that ATV riders make that can bring the ride to an abrupt stop, cause an accident and cause an injury. We've listed

Top Tips For Riding On A Budget

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Choose a reliable, affordable ATV or Side by Side. For starters, the cost of running and maintaining an ATV or UTV depends on the model and brand you’ve invested in. CFMOTO machines are both reliable and affordable, with the sturdiness you need to tackle tough terrain and the performance for long trips. They’ll be your

What does a riding lifestyle bring?

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If you’ve recently invested in a CFMOTO ATV, a CFMOTO UTV, SSV, or any other vehicle from CFMOTO, we’d like to say congratulations. With your brand new ride and the proper licence, you’re now equipped to join a community of fun-loving riders who know the value of a good time. The riding life isn’t just

CFMOTO T3, L7 and T1 – what’s the difference?

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Choosing your ride and confused about what L7 and T3/T1 homologation all means? Well we've created a handy guide to help you understand more about why the ATV and Side By Side world need these so that we can go off road and on road too. T3 ATV Tractor Homologation CFMOTO T3 ATVs are homologated


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MAY 2020 - NPA CANCELs TRADE EXHIBITION 2020 BUT HOPE TO RUN 89TH NATIONAL PLOUGHING COMPETITIONS BEHIND CLOSED GATES DUE TO COVID-19.   The NPA had no choice but to cancel the National Ploughing Trade Exhibition due to take place in Ballintrane, Fenagh, Co Carlow from September 15th to 17th but still hope that

Safely Change A Tyre and Other Repairs Whilst Off-road

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No matter how long you have been riding recreational vehicles, it's helpful to know how to safely maintain your ATV, quad, UTV or side-by-side vehicle in case you have a mishap whilst out and about. While some situations are easier to remedy than others, they all need to be handled with care. If you are

Evolution A – CFMOTO’s first all electric concept ATV

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CFMOTO unveiled their first all electric ATV at EICMA 2019. Making the first steps into electric, this ATV will require less maintenance than the regular CFMOTO range and is also an industry first. When it does come to market, the Evolution A is expected to be powerful and offer plenty of torque. However, this is

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