Choosing your ride and confused about what L7 and T3/T1 homologation all means?

Well we’ve created a handy guide to help you understand more about why the ATV and Side By Side world need these so that we can go off road and on road too.

T3 ATV Tractor Homologation

CFMOTO T3 ATVs are homologated (homologated means the type approval process the vehicle has passed, like your car needs to be homologated for the road, so does your ATV). The maximum speed for a vehicle is the CFMOTO T3 category is 40km/h (around 25mph).

  • The top speed is restricted to 40km/h
  • On public roads you need at least a T-class driving licence or here in the UK a full car licence usually
  • Your CFMOTO ATV will be equipped with an electric trailer connector socket, mirrors, lights and indicators
  • The maximum mass for a trailer fitted with brakes is 750kg and without brakes is 500kg
  • Maximum permissible trailer width is 1.5m

L7 ATV Quadricycle Homologation

CFMOTO L7 ATVs are homologated as quadricycles, which means they are no more than 450kg in running order. This type of ATV is restricted on power and speed, so they are limited to a maximum power of 15kW (or 20.11hp), with a speed limit of 90km/h (around 56mph).

  • Top speed is restricted to 90km/h
  • For road use, you need a B-class licence
  • Your CFMOTO ATV will be equipped with the same equipment as the T3 ATV but the style might be slightly different, so you still get an electric trailer connector socket, mirrors, lights and indicators
  • The total weight of the trailer cannot exceed half the total mass of the vehicle

T1 UTV/SSV Tractor Homologation

All of the Side by Side range from CFMOTO are homologated under the T1b category due to their size and weight. So they are designed to have a speed above 40km/h but not above 60km/h. The maximum weight of the vehicle is 600kg and it is fitted with seat belts.

  • Top speed is 60km/h
  • On public roads you need a B-class licence for any CFMOTO side by side under 550kg unladen.

CE Approved ATVs

As all CFMOTO vehicles in the UK and Ireland are homologated, CE approved vehicles don’t apply to us but it is useful to know that CE or non-homologated ATVs or Side by Sides are specifically for offroad use only and not intended to be roadworthy for public roads.