Four must-know tips and tricks to enjoy outdoor exploration on your ATV in the UK:

Whether you’re a seasoned vet out in the hills, or just getting started planning your first ATV trip – the key to enjoying your time on the trails comes down to preparation. The UK is home to some of the most stunning, exhilarating, and robust ATV/UTV trails in the world, and with these easy four must-know tips, tricks, and hacks – we can help you create an incredible adventure that you’ll never forget.

Break in Your Ride

This will only apply if you are taking a new ATV, UTV, or Quad on the trails for your trip. We understand the excitement and thrill of taking your new toy out in the dirt as soon as possible, but a few quick break-in excursions close to home will help you learn the idiosyncrasies, quirks, and potential unknown features your machine has.

Write it Down and Keep it Protected

On a piece of paper, jot down your desired trail, your destinations, your time goals, your food rations – everything. Seem neurotic? Maybe, but when you’re out on the trail taking in the sights, it can be far too easy to lose track of time, location, and goals. Put the paper, along with a paper map, in a large plastic bag with a zip, such as a Ziploc bag. Keep this easily accessible, and share with someone who is not going with you on the outing.

It’s Okay to be Extra

No one wants to think about it, but accidents happen and mistakes occur. Bring extra clothing for all weather, extra food, extra rations, extra gas – extra everything. If available to you, bring an extra charger for your phone, camera, or GPS. All of these items are better to have on hand and not need, than not have them and desperately need them in an emergency.

Double Check your Fluids and Tyre Pressure

This might seem basic, but you’d be amazed how often well-meaning and overly excited ATV riders forget to check the fluids and tyre pressure. Even with new machines, check the brake fluid, the oil, and yes – the gas. Also, be sure your tyre pressure is on point and ready to take the beating it is about to receive.

At the end of the day, the key to a successful ATV or UTV trip anywhere in the United Kingdom is avoiding unwanted surprises. The only surprises your outdoor exploration and adventure should include are stunning views, muddy trails, and memories to last a lifetime. Do a little prep work and ensure your trip is one to remember for all the right reasons.