CFMOTO Ireland has launched an impressive new 4-year warranty on all of their new motorcycles including the 300NK, 650NK, 650MT and 650GT. The offer will also apply to the hotly anticipated new 300SR, which is due to arrive in April. The new 4-year parts and labour warranty reflects the impressive build quality, reliability and faith that the manufacturer has in their range of motorcycles.

The range of CFMOTO motorcycles offer great quality and value, with contemporary styling from KISKA (the design company behind KTM). With news of more exciting models on the horizon, the new warranty will certainly turn some heads and see more riders considering a CFMOTO model for their next bike. 

CFMOTO UK Managing Director, Freddie Hinkley commented: “We’re thrilled to introduce the new 4-year warranty, we stand by the excellent quality of our bikes and this will give customers added peace of mind.”


4-year warranty terms and conditions:
CFMOTO include parts and labour warranty* for 4 years on major manufacturing defects. The period covered commences from the date of purchase.

*Any parts that require routine service or maintenance are not covered. See ‘ITEMS NOT COVERED” for the full list.


ITEMS NOT COVERED: Normal wear and tear items and consumables, such as: tyres, spark plugs, filters, cables, bulbs, fuses, chains, sprockets, lubricants (such as oil, grease etc), batteries and any other parts which require routine service or maintenance or adjustment such as brake pads, clutch etc.

No liability will be accepted for damage caused to the motorcycle by neglect, misuse, intrusion of foreign or deleterious matter, lack of servicing, lack of maintenance, modification, inadequate servicing or PDI, work carried out by any non-authorised person or company, overheating, freezing, abuse, if you permit the fitting of any nonstandard parts, incorrect transportation or storage of the motorcycle, the continued use of the motorcycle after a fault has become apparent, or any consequential loss on the failure of parts covered by this warranty. Warranty does not cover transport to and from your authorised CFMOTO motorcycle dealer, it also does not cover any costs of possible loss of earnings, rental of a substitute vehicle or any other associated costs.