CFMOTO Guinness World Record

CFMOTO are proud to say that in July 2013, riders Mr Buck Perley (USA) and Miss Amy Mathieson (UK) rode the CFMOTO 650TR for 33,357.15 km across China, which took four months, crossing every one of China’s 33 provinces. This journey broke the Guinness World Record for the longest Motorcycle Journey in a Single Country.

After several decades of development, CFMOTO’s achievements in R&D have been remarkable. CFMOTO developed and still continue to develop new products under independent intellectual rights. Among them, the 650TR, which was launched in 2011 was a big move and change for CFMOTO, which was the first large displacement touring bike available and produced in China and sold into their domestic market.

This was the start for CFMOTO in leading the domestic market for large displacement motorcycles - they are currently the largest brand and market leader in China for motorcycles. They sell more than any other brand of motorcycles in China, which is the largest motorcycle market in the world.

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