Some Tips on Riding an ATV Safely in Ireland

Riding an ATV is a fun thing to do and a great alternative to riding a dirt bike or driving a car. While driving an ATV or quad bike is fun, it can be dangerous if you are not used to it. In Ireland, ATV users must understand the rules that apply and to ride safely too. If you want to ride an ATV on or offroad, here are 8 tips on safe driving an ATV, so you can ride with peace of mind, even if it's your first time. Let's look one by one.

Always wear safety equipment

Helmets, goggles, boots and gloves are the basic equipment you need to wear when riding an ATV. Remember, without proper instruction or experience, an ATV can flip over if you don't take precaution, travel too fast or go over difficult terrain with no regard to your speed.

Check your ATV

Before every ride, you should check your ATV. Check the air pressure in the tyres, check the your fuel levels and make sure the brakes are working. Don't forget to inspect the chain and driving gear (if yours has a chain), make sure there's no damage and it is free of debris.

Don't go on it alone

If you head out for a ride offroad, you should not ride an ATV alone. Invite your friends to go with you. Safety in numbers! If you run out of fuel, get lost or have an accident, at least there is someone else who is ready to help you.

Don't drink on the job

Ok it's obvious, but don't consume alcohol or drugs, even if riding offroad, they will affect your performance, reason, and decision. Don't do silly things that can endanger the lives of you and others.

Rest immediately if you feel tired

Riding an ATV requires concentration and care to navigate where you're going, so if you start to feel drained of energy, then you should take a break, grab some water and turn off your quad.

Made for one

Most ATVs are intended for one person only. If an ATV is only designed as a one seater, and homologated for one, you should never carry a passenger. Only those ATVs homologated with two seats can legally accommodate a passenger. You should check with your retailer for more information.

Do not deviate from the path

Remember that it is not wise to drive off the normal tracks made by other people. If you haven't been there and there's no tracks, you don't know what is there. So there's loads of overgrowth, don't ride through it - there could be water or big holes in the ground and it certainly isn't safe to ride where you can't see the terrain below.

Make sure you drive the right ATV

Don't use an ATV with too much power for your experience, never ridden before - you should start with something smaller. You should speak to your local dealer to get the best advice possible.

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