No matter how long you have been riding recreational vehicles, it’s helpful to know how to safely maintain your ATV, quad, UTV or side-by-side vehicle in case you have a mishap whilst out and about.

While some situations are easier to remedy than others, they all need to be handled with care. If you are in a wooded or secluded area, you are more than likely difficult for other riders to see, so you need to do what you can to stay safe until you either repair your machine or get the help you need.

At CFMOTO UK our dealers can provide you with state-of-the-art vehicles, tools, and tips to stay safe while you are riding. Here, our team will discuss some of the most common mishaps on the trails and ways to safely remedy them.


No matter how well you maintain your vehicle, you can still run into trouble and need to make an emergency repair to your machine. Common off-road issues include:

●        Flat or punctured tyre(s)

●        Issues with transmission

●        Lack of fuel

●        And more

While there are more issues that can arise whilst you’re out and about, these are some of the most common. Additionally, these issues can usually be fixed, at least temporarily, while on off-road. However, some repairs may need a more experienced hand. Here are some things to keep in mind if you run into issues on your ride.


One of the most common issues that can occur while you are riding your vehicle is a flat tyre. Although ATV and UTV tyres are designed to withstand rough terrain, they can still become damaged. If this happens, it is important to get your vehicle faraway from the middle of the path as possible. By doing this, you can ensure no one comes around a corner suddenly and hits you. From there, you approach the tyre changing process the same way you would off the trail. It’s crucial you carry the proper tools with you on every single ride, no matter how short or simple you believe your trip may be. Here are some things you should include in your tire repair kit that you bring with you on every trip:

●        Wheel jack

●        Tyre plug kit

●        Tyre sealant

●        Tyre inflator


Something else you should always bring with you on every single recreational vehicle trip is extra fuel. While you may believe you have enough in the tank for your trip, unforeseen circumstances could lead to you running low while riding. We recommend that you always carry extra petrol with you just in case. Even if you don’t end up using it, you could come across another rider who may need it. If you were to run out of fuel on the trails, do what you can to get your vehicle out of the path of others.


While you should keep a regular maintenance schedule for your off-road vehicle, sometimes things slip through the cracks, or something may puncture your machine’s engine while you’re out riding. Regardless, you should have transmission fluid and oil readily available when you are out riding. If your engine begins acting up while you are riding, it’s important you stop to investigate the problem. You should check the fluid and oil levels in your motor and refill them if needed. Additionally, you should check for leaking fluid. If you have a fluid leak, you should try to find a way to plug the hole before heading in from your ride. You should not continue to ride if there is a fluid leak.


In addition to all of the tyre repair materials we listed above, there are a variety of other things you should look to carry in a tool kit for every single ride out. Additional items you should carry while you are out riding include:

●        Chain replacements

●        Screwdrivers

●        Duct tape

●        Zip ties

●        Cables

●        Screw and bolt replacements

●        Super glue

●        Pliers

●        Wrenches

●        Toolkit

While we recommend the above tools to carry with you on every ride, everyone’s preference is different. You know what tools you prefer, so it is ultimately up to you.


No matter where you are in the UK, you are likely to be near a CFMOTO dealer. If you are interested in acquiring a recreational vehicle, such as an ATV or side-by-side vehicle, contact one of our national dealers today. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you find the machine that is best for your needs.