Choose a reliable, affordable ATV or Side by Side.

For starters, the cost of running and maintaining an ATV or UTV depends on the model and brand you’ve invested in. CFMOTO machines are both reliable and affordable, with the sturdiness you need to tackle tough terrain and the performance for long trips. They’ll be your steadfast partners in outdoor exploration, but other brands might not be able to stand up to rigorous use or rough roads. Did you do your research before buying your machine? What warranty comes with your new vehicle? CFMOTO ATVs, SSVs and UTVs come with a 2 year parts and labour warranty.

Maintenance requirements also affect the cost of riding. All ATVs and Side by Sides require periodic upkeep, regardless of how well they are made. Keeping up with the maintenance procedures your machine requires to perform at its best will save you money in the long run, because it helps prevent more expensive issues. You’re far less likely to need to pay for expensive repairs this season if you’ve kept up with routine maintenance.

Of course, now you can’t change what machine you bought or how well you’ve maintained it. But there are actions that you currently can take to make the most of your riding budget:

● Ride carefully. For many riders, part of owning an ATV or side by side is pushing themselves and their machines. However, now is not a time to take risks. Stick to places you know fit your ability levels (provided they are open and it is legal and safe to go there) and always ride with a buddy. Having someone around in case one of you gets into trouble is safer than riding alone.

● Don’t skimp on the safety equipment. What is heaps more expensive than solid safety equipment? Spending time off work and in hospital. While CFMOTO machines are made with safety in mind, the trails are unpredictable, and accidents do happen. If you historically have not ridden with safety gear, now is the time to invest in it. At the very least, borrow a helmet from a friend or rent. You won’t regret it!

● Plan out your rides and budget ahead of time. If you truly want to get the most out of your money, sit down with a map or GPS and calculate the amount you’ll pay for each ride you have planned. Simply divide the amount of miles you’ll be travelling by how many miles per gallon your machine gets. This will tell you how much fuel you’ll need, multiply that answer by the average price in your area, and you have how much that ride will cost.


If your machine is a money pit, we’d be happy to set you up with something much more economical. Locate your nearest CFMOTO dealer now!